Joe Martin Jr.

Position: Marketing/Sales Lead
Location: Los Angles, CA

Joe is a Feature Filme 3D animator who loves to sit and watch entertainment as much as he loves to make it.  You may also find him struggling to keep a tennis ball in play on his local tennis court.  

Joe has been in the entertainment business, in one way or another, for over 20 years.  He started his own retail business, that ran for almost 6 years, and designed the entire product line, the customer experience and all of the art work.  He then went to art school to pursue his dream of working in 3D animation and landed his first job, straight out of school, on the animated feature film IGOR, for Exodus Film Group.  The film stared John Cusack, Molly Shannon and Jay Leno and was created in Paris, France.  

Upon completion of the film Joe moved to Los Angles and began working directly for Exodus Film Group, helping to raise capital and develop new projects.  This led to the WimbleToad project which he is currently producing.  He and the team are responsible for signing and securing Serena Williams as an Executive Producer and are in the process of securing financing.  

Joe is also working with Go For Launch Productions on expanding their digital footprint and taking their IPs to new heights.  Follow that journey on our social outlets and the stars are the limit.