Malachi Bazan

Position: Game Lead and Music Guru
Location:  Nevada City, CA

Malachi has over 11 years experience in CG modeling and game design and has an obsession with music which he indulges producing and creating music under the name Revenge of The Platypus!

Malachi brings large doses of passion, enthusiasm and an insatiable curiosity to everything he does.  Educated as a CG modeler and visual effects artist, Malachi is a self taught game designer, game coder and musician who produces music under the name Revenge of the Platypus.  Malachi and Phil first worked together on the feature film Barnyard: The Original Party Animals, after which Malachi went on to work on several games and children's book apps.  Reconnecting again on the Thor project, Phil, Lorraine and Malachi discovered their mutual interest in app games and together formed Go For Launch Games.  

The creation of the company's first app game has allowed Malachi to focus all of his passions and expertise on one project, the epic action, adventure game that's literally out of this world Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs!  


Malachi earned a degree in 3D Animation and Visual Effects from the Vancouver Film School before beginning his career as a modeler on the hit animated feature film Barnyard: The Original Party Animals.  Malachi then went on to work as a modeler and visual effects artist on the feature films Night At The Museum and Pulse before branching into game development and working on Shadowrun and The Agency.  Malachi has also developed 7 children's apps based on best selling Dawn Publishing books.  

In addition to modeling and game design/coding Malachi has an insatiable passion for music and he has produced and released 6 albums under the name Revenge of the Platypus.  Working on Spacemen Skip and The Nebublobs allowed Malachi to combine his coding and game design skills with his passion for music when he created the game's original score, which rocks!

Feature Films

- Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
- Night At The Museum
- Pulse


- Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs
- Thor
- Shadowrun
- The Agency