Lorraine Cruden

Position: Producer, Project Manager, Founder
Location: Glendale, AZ

Lorraine began her career as a computer programmer and systems analyst in the banking field, little knowing she would one day work in the entertainment industry!

Although Lorraine's background in computer programming may seem incompatible with working in the highly creative field of animation design, her years of experience in computer programming, testing and project management were invaluable assets when she and Phil formed Go For Launch Productions. Computer programming and testing requires logical, forward thinking and a strict attention to detail; skills that are very necessary to the successful production of an animated project.  Being a small company has required Lorraine to wear many hats.  She is responsible for script analysis, creating and prioritizing asset lists, scanning art work and assembling asset model sheets.  She is also the point contact for all clients and as the studio often has multiple projects in production simultaneously, she is responsible for ensuring that all work is prioritized and delivered to the client on time.  Depending upon the needs of the client, Lorraine has also taken on the roll of Associate Producer for the client; functioning as the point contact for, and reporting on the progress of, the client's overseas contract production house.  

When Phil and Lorraine decided to develop their own project, the action, adventure, outer space app game Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs, Lorraine's programming background was again invaluable.  Lorraine played a large roll in designing and documenting the game play experience and designed and implemented the test protocols.

Lorraine also manages the day to day affairs of the office and does the bookkeeping. 


Lorraine earned a 4 year bachelor of Business Degree, with a minor in computer programming, from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.   Upon completing her degree Lorraine worked for TD Bank in their IT department as a programmer in their Credit Card department.  Lorraine worked for TD Bank for 5 years and was the Project Supervisor on the Credit Card Data Exchange Project, supervising a team of 3 programmers, before moving to Ottawa.  In Ottawa Lorraine worked as a Project Manager for System House on their Canada Post Project.  As a Project Manager Lorraine worked closely with the client, Canada Post, to implement system change requirements.  To accomplish this Lorraine worked with a team of 5 programmers to design the necessary code changes, design test protocols to test the code changes and write implementation documentation for the implementation team.  Lorraine worked for System House for 4 years before moving to Arizona when Phil began working for 20th Century Fox. 

Being in the US on Phil's working visa, Lorraine was unable to work so she spent her time volunteering for the Glendale Library and Aids Project Arizona.  She also formed a small business with a friend making soaps, lotions, healing balms and other personal care products and traveled through the valley selling at local Craft Fairs and Farmer's Markets.  She also formed and served on the board of the local non-profit NJC Memorial Fund, whose mission was to serve lung cancer patients and their care givers.   Lorraine eventually obtained her Green Card and together with Phil, formed Go For Launch Productions in 2006.

Since forming Go For Launch Productions Phil and Lorraine have worked on 3 animated TV Series, 6 Feature Films and 5 games for such clients as Disney Interactive, Microsoft Online, Marvel, Rainmaker, Exodus Film Group, O Entertainment, Illumination Entertainment, Cheyenne Mountain Games and CounterPunch Studios.  In 2013 they decided to produce one of their own projects, the action, adventure app game Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs and so formed Go For Launch Games in 2014. Learn more about Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs on our Games page.

Feature Films

- The Hero Of Color City - Associate Producer
- Bunyan and Babe - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- Ratchet & Clank - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- HOP: The Movie  - Producer - Go For Launch Productions

Direct To Video

- Lenny and Sid

TV Series

- Dragons: Riders of Berk - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- Planet Sheet  - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- Back At The Barnyard  - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- The LeBrons  - Producer - Go For Launch Productions


- Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs - Producer
- Thor  - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- Kingdom Hearts - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- Disney's Epic History  - Producer - Go For Launch Productions
- Stargate Worlds - Producer - Go For Launch Productions