Go For Launch Productions

Go For Launch Productions co-founder Philip A. Cruden has over 24 years experience working on animated TV series, feature films and games.  After spending 14 years working for large studios like 20th Century Fox, Fox TV, Nickelodeon, O Entertainment, Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony and Happy Madison Productions, Phil formed Go For Launch Productions in 2006, with his wife Lorraine.  Their goal at Go For Launch Productions is to provide outstanding Production Design and Art Direction for animated TV series, feature films and games in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner.  Since its inception, Go For Launch Productions has worked on 6 feature films, 5 games and 3 TV series.  In 2009 they earned a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their work on Back At The Barnyard, the widely popular TV series spin off of the hit comedy feature animated film Barnyard: The Original Party Animals.  Learn more about all of the projects GFLP has worked onhere .

Our years of experience in the animation industry, on 2D and CG projects, on TV series, feature films and games has given us an in-depth knowledge of the nuts and bolts of designing and producing animated projects.  We are intimately familiar with all aspects of the production pipeline and know how to tailor it to any budget and schedule.  If you have $200 million dollars to create a feature film the sky's the limit; there are very few restrictions.  Creating a feature film on an $5 to $30 million dollar budget, not so much!  Yet that is just the kind of challenge we thrive on!  Knowing how to use all of the tricks of the trade to achieve as much production value as possible out of a small budget is our specialty.  Budgets and schedules are a reality for every production and we know how to effectively and creatively manage both.  

As a service studio we can tailor our services to fit the needs of your project and your budget.  On projects such as the feature film The Hero of Color City we functioned as the Art Department.  During pre-production we worked closely with the director to define the look of the film and then went on to design all of the film's assets.  During production we worked closely with the production studio in India, providing them with all of the technical information needed to build the models and we created and managed a review/approval process to ensure that all of the models were built and textured according to the approved designs.  

On other projects, such as Ratchet & ClankHop: The Movie and Dragons - Riders of Berk   we played a smaller roll, assisting those productions when their schedules and budgets demanded creative and technical assistance in a timely and economic manner.  In addition we work with partner studios in the US, Ireland and Spain to provide model building, story boarding, animation and editorial services.

Advances in internet connectivity and communication have launched the age of the remote studio and working from our studio in Glendale, AZ, we have pioneered and perfected the art of working remotely with clients, partner studios and freelance artists around the world.  

Drop us a line through our Contacts Page.   Whatever your project, whatever the style, schedule or budget, Go For Launch can help make it happen!

Go For Launch Productions offers the following services:

- Animation
- Storyboard
- Asset Management
- Producing
- Directing
- Technical Design Services
   - Asset Design; Characters, Sets, Props and Vehicles  - Character technical and artistic breakdown for model building
   - Technical breakdown of Sets, Props and Vehicles for model building
   - Asset texture direction for model texturing
   - Color Script- Color Production Keys
   - Production ready matte paintings
   - Workbook, and
   - Lighting Guides

 To learn more about the projects we have worked on check out our Projects  page and our GFL Animation Studios  web site.


  The Go For Launch Team