Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs

Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs is an action, adventure, arcade style game that takes place in the biggest arena there is - our Solar System!  

5 Star Rating - "A fun and educational game that will have kids hooked" -

 Gorgeous, fun and educational!  by Astronomy loving gang!
"Love playing it with my kids! It's so fun to play and educational at the same time.  Really glad we purchased this one - well worth it!"

 Amazing Game, so addictive!  by Ashley561991 Canada
"I LOVE this game.  I can't put it down. . . . I really can't stop playing, I'm constantly trying to beat my high score!"

 Addicting!  by Dan5633 Canada
"My friend got me hooked on this game.  It's one of those games where every time you finish, you just HAVE to beat your high score . . .  I would definitely suggest this game to my friends!"

 Awesome Game!  by Cellyftb7 Canada
"Great graphics! Not only do you learn but you don't even know it because you're having so much fun!  You always want to beat your high score!  A definite 10/10 game!"

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